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Every Bourget motorcycle produced in Phoenix, Arizona USA is quality hand crafted by Americans for Americans with 98% American made parts. The parts that are not made in house at Bourget’s factory (which is about 80%) are consumed from American companies who have the same American Ideals as Bourget’s: S&S Cycle Engine components, JIMS and Baker Drivetrain transmissions, Rivera/PRIMO Belt drives and clutches, Headwinds headlights, Dakota Digital gauges, Barnett cables. Outer Brake Rotors are German engineered and produced in Germany by Spiegler. Tires are Avon brand manufactured in Melksham, England. You will not find an inferior quality part on a Bourget motorcycle. Bourget’s are built from the heart –handcrafted by skilled American tradesman that take pride in their work so you can take pride in ownership. Built to last and Built to Ride – celebrate 27 years of American Motorcycle history with us in 2020.

Bourget's parts

Bourget's parts

Welcome to - the one and only site of the one and only original Bourget's Bike Works, proudly serving the motorcycle enthusiast since 1993.  This is the only place you can get authentic OEM Bourget replacement parts, owners manuals, accessories, and Bourget patented trademarked motorcycles.  For the first time in 16 years the factory is reintroducing Rolling Chassis Builder's kits, Frames and component parts sales in addition to factory built to your specification Bourget motorcycles.  From start to finish -chassis to tires -  you can once again purchase a Bourget chassis, Rolling chassis, and individual component parts to build yourself should you so desire. The options are endless - we can do it all for you and deliver to your door a one of a kind custom bike or you can get a rolling chassis builder's kit bike in varying stages of completion to finish on your own.  Billet components - Front ends, Forward Controls, Wheels -pulleys -rotors, decorative accessories -grips, head bolt covers, axle covers, any and all components to build, enhance or accessorize are in stock and available now.  Click here to enter a virtual candy store of custom motorcycle goodness where all your dreams can come true 

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Bourget MBL New Era

Brigitte Bourget and her team at Bourget’s Bike Works are honored to have partnered with New Era, the official on-field cap provider for Major League Baseball, to build this one of a kind 2011 Bourget Python Super Stretch. The brands collaborated on the bike as part of a program called “Stars and Stripes” which supports Major League Baseball’s Welcome Back Veterans initiative (
The bike, officially dubbed the “MLB Stars & Stripes” Super Stretch, was unveiled during Daytona Bike Week 2011 and toured the US visiting most of the MLB stadiums and many major bike rallies in 2011. On January 25, 2012, Stars & Stripes was sold at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, FL for $100,000.00!!! The entire proceeds - $100,000.00 was donated to the Welcome Back Veterans fund by New Era, the official on-field cap provider for Major League Baseball.

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