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Bourget's motorcycles feature BBW Branded, Exclusive, Proprietary belts that are manufactured to our specifications through a long standing partnership with Rivera Primo and Gates.  Gates Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of power transmission belts and is the premium brand for quality and technological innovation among OEM's and installers.  Founded in 1911, Gates has been manufacturing in the USA for over a century, all BBW belts are manufactured in Denver CO, USA.  Our proprietary belts are Polychain "TM" (polyurethane) outer jacket with either Aramid "TM" (Kevlar) or Carbon Core "TM" (Carbon Fiber) Core and come with the BBW Shield and Wings logo prominently displayed on the belt. 

Below is an extensive list of Bourget models and belt sizes that have been used on those models over the years.  Please use this list as a guide, but please note that in order for us to provide you with the correct replacement belt for your year and model Bourget, You, the customer, must verify the width of the belts for us.  Belts are available in several different widths based on when they were manufactured and our build sheets do not specify what belt size was used.  Our intention at BBW is always to provide the best possible product and riding experience to our customers.  As engine sizes and rear tire sizes increased - so did our belt widths.  As soon as the wider belts were manufactured and became available the production line would make an immediate change - so our paperwork and records are not always 100% correct  - but the belts don't lie.  To ensure your complete satisfaction in receiving the correct belt, if you do not have the original belt, or a part # from it, please have a tape measure handy to measure either the original belt or the belt pulley.

BBW belts are available only through authorized Bourget's parts dealers - please refer to the "Dealers" section of the website to place your order.

When replacing the belts on your Bourget motorcycle, please keep a record of the spacing on the rear wheel and if applicable on the jackshaft.  It is helpful to put a piece of painter's masking tape across the rear fender and as you remove each spacer, make a note of the size and placement of it to ensure it goes back together the same way.  A Belt alignment procedure guide is available here as well for your use and reference.

BBW Belt Alignment Procedure

BBW Belt Application Chart



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